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Cat Massage

Cat massage can be beneficial to both feline and feline lover. Touching, petting, and stroking a cat stimulates the release of chemicals called cytokines, which in turn signal the brain to release natural painkilling chemicals called endorphins. Therefore, the process of massaging a cat after a long day at play is helpful in addressing minor aches and pains and generates a calming effect for the cat. In turn, an owner is rewarded with the very pleasant purring and gentle kneading of the cats claws on the owner.

Massage has the same benefits for cats than it has for humans, as both cats and humans respond in a positive way to touching. Cat massage has increased more and more in popularity given that there are cat massage therapists who are able to massage a cat by using the best techniques. Given that these therapists are actually trained and know what they are doing, it is obvious that cat massaging is important to the pet and also to the pet's owner. Many pet lovers believe that massage therapy is both a preventative measure and a solution for pain the pet might endure.

The first benefit that can be immediately seen after a massage is the relaxation it provides to the pet. Cat massage is often used to calm an anxious animal, as massage works on them the same way it works on people. Because of this effect that massage has on cats, they tend to become friendlier towards humans. Moreover, cat massage also lowers the blood pressure of the owner and helps him relax.

Also, while massaging the cat not only does the owner have the opportunity to bond with their pet but they can also look for abnormalities that might appear on the cat's skin. A massage is the best opportunity to find areas of tenderness or swelling that could be the signs of a serious condition. It is also a good time to find out pain the pet might be already feeling and then relieving that pain.

Although massage therapy is highly recommended for cats, cat owners are recommended to avoid massaging cats that are feverish or those who have cancer.

Massage can increase the mobility and flexibility in cats who suffer from arthritis and it may also be an alternative way to hasten the rehabilitation of a cat that has undergone surgery. Massage therapy has a positive impact on the cats' digestive system and their coat and skin. When the proper techniques are used, massages can relieve even constipation.

Beyond being helpful in maintaining comfort and calmness at the end of each day, cat massage also has long term benefits. The life of a house cat is entirely dependent upon the care provided by its owner. If an owner neglects to pay attention to a cat's body, the owner can expect to have an unhealthy cat. Just as important as nutrition and exercise is the upkeep of the cat's overall health, mental and physical. Cat massage is useful in breeding familiarity and intimacy between owner and feline. And this closeness is what peaks an owner's intuitiveness toward a cat. A close bond may sound like a petty issue, but this personal one-on-one relationship fosters a kind of bond that links the owner to the cat in such a way the communication is heightened, and the maximum amount of information can be transferred from pet to owner, and vice versa. Any owner so in tune with a pet is going to be able to sense oncoming illnesses and stresses, and can therefore take preventative measures. (wiki)

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